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Below is a sample of what some of my previous students have said after taking driving lessons with Driving Success.

Casey Manning Wrote on Facebook:

Can’t thank Colin enough, definitely recommend! Really reassuring and made sure I was happy after every lesson. He was always happy to go over things that I wasn’t confident with. Made me feel at ease and had lots of patience with me! Passed first time and I wouldn’t of done it without him! - thankyou so so much.

Amber L Glenn wrote on Facebook:

Ive been driving with colin for a while,Started off really nervous, no confidence or anything.He puts you at ease and is a very patient, kind man. He is thorough and understanding and will always inform you if your unsure of something or go through whatever it is that you need help with! I Passed Yesterday first Time which i never thought i could do! But i wouldn't of done it without him, i 100% recommend Colin, I cant thank enough for all the help he has given me! :-)

Nima Sherpa Green wrote on Facebook:

Getting straight to the point, I would highly recommend learning to drive with Colin! He is patient, kind and thoughtful, but also pushes you to make progress: it's an ideal combination that helps you to improve faster than you might imagine initially. I didn't just learn to pass my test, I honestly think I've learnt to be a safe driver with Colin, with advice and tips worth remembering beyond leaving the test centre - thank you so much!

Denut Mirela from Rushden wrote on Facebook:

I just passed my driving test first time and I can't thank Colin enough for what he did for me! I made the best choice when I decided to learn to drive with him. Colin is reliable, very patient and has a way of keeping people positive and confident. He was always ready to answer any questions I had and he managed to keep me focused, though I was a very nervous learner. I would recommend Colin to all those who want to have the best learning to drive experience. Thank you again so much! Mirela Denut

Emily Shelton from Irthlingborough wrote on Facebook 

“I started driving lessons with Colin & was a very nervous driver with no experience what so ever. Colin put me at ease being in the driving seat and gave me the confidence that I could learn to drive. Always very friendly & patient with me, he always explained any mistakes I made and gave me solutions on how to amend them. I would highly recommend driving success to anyone wanting to learn to drive!! thankyou so much for everything Colin”

Marriane Shields from Irthlingborough wrote:

"I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! It's that simple! 4 months ago today I took my first ever driving lesson, 4 months later I've passed first time! Every single driving lesson has been so enjoyable and there is never a dull moment with Colin. He gave me confidence from day 1, and without him it's safe to say I wouldn't have passed! I wish I'd failed just so I could have still had driving lessons, I'm going to miss him! His wacky sense of humour, and his kind personality. Colin, thank you for everything! You are the best! X?"

Oscar Billington from Rushden wrote:

Colin made me feel at ease from day one. I was very nervous however he gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test first time. I would definitely recommend Driving Success 

Zoe Judkins from Rushden wrote on Facebook:

“Colin is a great driving instructor, had lessons for nearly a year and today passed first time with only 2 minor faults. I honestly cant thank him enough for being so patient with me. He is a lovely man who has a great sense of humour and makes you feel at ease very quickly, always on time and will always praise you for the good things and is always on point with any mistakes. I am very happy with todays result, without Colin giving me the push in the right direction I couldn't have done it. Highly recommended a brilliant instructor, thank you so so much for everything. Zoe x

Glenn from Higham Ferrers wrote:

"Just wanna say a massive thanks to Colin for his help and patience in teaching me to drive. I would definitely recommend him to anybody wanting to learn to drive. I passed my test today, all thanks to Colin and can't wait to get myself on the road again."

:D Glenn R

Vee from Wellingborough wrote:

“I am very pleased with all the encouragement and support l received from Colin l took my test first time and passed. I would gladly recommend him for anyone he is a great motivator and teacher".


Sophie from Irchester wrote:

Great driving instructor, he is patient and lets you learn at your own pace without making you feel stupid :)

Clemantine Paine from Irthlingborough wrote:

“Thank you Colin for your patience you are a fantastic instructor and was calm even when I wasn't thank you again for giving me the confidence to help me pass my test with zero faults for the first time I deffenitly would recommend you to anyone ! All the best Clementine Paine Sent from my iPhone.”

Shelley Webb from Northampton wrote:

I would like to say a massive thank you to Colin!!! I would highly recommend anyone and everyone looking for a driving instructor to book with him, learning to drive is not easy and teaching someone like me as nervous and scared as I was must of been such a nightmare ( im a nervous talker) Im pretty sure Colin went home after every lesson with a massive headache and with alot of useless information about my life, child, work and home but even when I wanted to give up he didnt give up on me, he let me learn at my own pace giving me the support and guidance I needed to pass my test first time!! I can genuinly say I will miss my sunday afternoons with him having my lessons, and hour an a half doesnt sound very long but it would be a lifetime if you didnt get on with the person you are sharing a car with, its a small space but right up until 30 seconds before my test he had me laughing and alot more at ease than I ever thought I would be! A first class driving instructor and all round lovely man. Shelley

Jo from Rushden wrote:

"I can not speak highly enough of my former driving instructor Colin. After trying several times to learn to drive but quiting due to lack of confidence in my own ability I decided to give it one last go and booked some lessons with Colin. His patience and confidence in me gave me the confidence to start believing in myself. I went on to not only pass my test first time but also pass without a single fault!! If you are looking for an instructor to be honest, patient and help you become the best driver you can be then Colin is the instructor for you!

Katie Sturgess from Holcott wrote:

I took the 20 hours intense course and if i'm being honest i was abit sceptical about the whole process because i'd already had 2 previous instructors, but looking back it was the best thing I have ever done. Colin is so patient and when i say that I really mean it, after some absolutely awful lessons, he never said this is the wrong course for you. It came to be my test date yesterday and I passed first time so i worried about nothing. I would really recommend this course and Colin. Thankyou so much for all your help and confidence in me, it will be something that i will NEVER forget.


Katie Sturgess

Danny from Rushden wrote:

i started driving with colin in september after doing my test twice with another instructor and he gave me confidence in myself and helped me believe in myself to do the manoeuvres like parallel paring and verus to the left that i struggled with. he is always polite smartly dressed and good at time keeping always getting to my house on time if not a few minutes earlier. i would highly recommend you to any new comers to driving. i hope to do my pass plus with you in the near future.

Leigh from Raunds wrote:

“Colin got me through my test first time with only 2 minors (stupid things on my part) i thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive mainly because he is so calm and doesnt make a big deal of it when you do stupid things and doesnt mind me talking way too much.I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone as i would never have had the confidence if i hadn't booked that first lesson. It's also great that you get a text and e-mail the day before so you can never forget a lesson. .”

Gregory George from Rushden wrote:

"My parents chose Colin as they had read previous reviews and they all sounded very positive. On first meeting Colin he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and we seemed to get along well. His instructions were always clear and I was never worried about asking him questions. He shows a lot of patience and always seemed to remain calm, which would put me at ease. Arranging lessons was very easy and he was always flexible and fitted in around me. He is an excellent instructor and I would highly recommend him. Thanks once again Colin, no doubt I'll see you around".


Ben from Rushden wrote:

Colin is an exceptional instructor, really calm and never gets aggravated, or gets angry when I made mistakes. He taught at a good pace for me, neither to fast as not to understand, but I found I never got bored. Colin is really easy to get along with, and really flexible for booking lessons. Overall I would happily recommend him. I also wondered if you offered pass plus? Thank you ever so much, ben

Kelley Mayes from Rushden wrote:

"Just wanted to thank you for helping me pass my test. You had more faith in me than I had myself. Thank you for your understanding, knowledge and patience throughout. Will miss our weekly lessons. Thank you once again. I have and will continue to recomend you. All the best Kelly. Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone on O2"

Craig from Rushden wrote:

"I never saw myself being able to drive, let alone passing first time which i did! But instantly meeting Colin from our first lesson, he made me feel comfortable and at ease with driving straight away. He gave me the confidence and the belief to be able to drive, also convincing me that passing first time would be easy. A very nice man with the skills and tutoring to go with it, it was a pleasure to have met him and to have been taught by him. Couldn't recommend him highly enough. All the best for the future!!"

Siriporn from Raunds wrote:

“I would like to thank you, very much for your time and professional competence in teaching me to drive confidently and safely,to pass my driving test first time. I know the effort that was needed, was to a high standard, due to my understanding of the English language, which made it a little difficult for me to understand, some of the commands you asked of me i.e like pull over please in a safe place or maybe when you asked me to take the second or third exits on a roundabout as I didn't know what you meant until you explained it,like take the exit 2 or 3 off a roundabout, I have only been in the country for some 10 month from Thailand and as they drive on the same side as England we do not have many roundabouts. I would again like to wish you good fortune and hope that you always have clients to get the pass grades that you require to keep you and your company going, so that many people ,young and old get the benefit of your experience.”

Chris from Wellingborough wrote:

"I would highly recommend Driving Success to anyone thinking of learning to drive,I booked a intensive driving course over 30 hours and found Colin to be very supportive and patient thoughout whist offering plenty of encouragement and praise in a friendly professional manner,all of this helped me to pass my test first time."

Thank you again.

Jordan Eyers from Higham Ferrers wrote:

“Colin gave me so much confidence in my driving ability from the very first lesson we had. With his support and tutoring I have passed my driving test first time and am on top of the world!

He is a great instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn to drive!

Thanks for everything Colin see you on the road!”

Faye G from Irthlingborough wrote:

"I enjoyed learning to drive with driving success. you always managed to keep me calm and had a hell of alot of patience with me! i never felt pressured in to learning to quickly and loved that i was able to learn at my own pace. i would definatly reccommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive! my sister will be learning to drive next year so i will tell her to give you a call."

Jade B from Irthlingborough wrote:

"I Passed my test first time with only 3 faults all because of Colin and his great lessons! He never doubted that I would pass first time and always believed in me (even when I was doing rubbish). Driving Success is a great driving school that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone J "

Leanne Shilton from Rushden wrote:

"After spending lots of money on driving lessons i thought i was never going to pass, until I booked my first lesson with Colin. From day one he made me feel at ease and very comfortable, which no other instructor has managed to do. I decided to opt for the 20hr intensive course which was suitable for myself. Although i had a few lessons before i never felt i learn't anything and my confidence was shattered. We did the lessons every other day for a month to fit around my work schedule and in no time i was a confident driver. Colin was very good at giving constructive critisism and for praising you when you had done something well. He was very understanding and when my test date came he managed (i'm not sure how) to calm my nerves and passed 1st time!!! My first lesson was on the 2nd March and i passed on the 5th May with only 5 minors, which is amazing for me, to think of where i was 2 months ago... Thanks Colin! Your the best!!"

Wendy from Earls Barton wrote:

If I was to recommend a driving instructor it would definitely be Colin, he's friendly and very professional. He gave me confidence to do things that I thought I would never be able to do and makes driving seem easy. Always flexible to arrange lessons around my work commitments I felt like I was constantly progressing, I took my test and passed 1st time much quicker than I expected.I was provided with good guidance during practice and a quick review after each lesson made the lessons stick with me and gave me something to work towards next lesson.I have, and will continue to recommend Colin to anyone who wants driving lessons.

Joe from Rushden wrote:

"My time learning to drive with Colin was an absolute pleasure, I enjoyed my time learning, as colin was always very supportive and broke everything down to ensure I understood, I would recommend him to anyone wishing to drive. Thanks Colin".

Julie G from Wellingborough wrote:

Thanks to Colin I passed the practical driving test first time yesterday, I was very nervous about learning to drive at first and I used to dread driving lessons with my other driving instructor especially doing the manouvres but after a few lessons with Colin I felt at ease and started to look forward to driving lessons with Colin and started to really enjoy them. Colin was always very patient even when I made bad mistakes or did not understand something at first. I would not hesitate to recommend Driving Success.

Joshua H from Rushden wrote:

"I started to learn in October and passed my test yesterday, 2nd Feb. Colin is a great teacher, if your nervous about driving on the road for the first time, like I was, Colin eased me into it and if I needed any help with any part of driving he was more than happy to help or explain. He is so patient and from your first driving lesson you get driving. I would highly recommend driving success. Josh."

Jack T from Rushden wrote:

"Today I passed my practical driving test and I owe all thanks to Colin. He has been extremely patient and understanding throughout all my driving lessons. The car was very smooth to drive and has good air conditioning making it extremely comfortable and brilliant to drive. Colin has always been calm, helpful and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend using Driving Success whether you are learning to drive from the start or just need some extra practice, thanks Colin!"

Tara from Burton Latimer wrote:

After taking five years to gain the courage to start driving lessons, Colin eased me into it gently and allowed me to progress at my own pace. With thorough explanations on everything I needed to know and helpful tips I soon got the hang of it and never felt like I was stupid when I got something wrong. The car itself (Citroen C3 at time of writing) is well maintained and great to drive. Thanks so much - without you I wouldn't have been able to pass on my first attempt.

Sonia Moody from Kettering wrote:
"I choose Driving success after looking at there website, Colin is a fantastic teacher, he is patient and calm, he explains things carefully and he doesn't over complicate things. I wanted to learn to drive in a short a time as possible, Colin was able to fit lessons in around my work schedule. I would recommend to any one looking to learn to drive, to go with Colin at Driving success, you will not be disappointed."

Andrew Georgio from Rushden wrote:

..As a nervous learner, I found Colin to be both a highly professional and reassuring Instructor. Lessons were paced to my level of experience and to my mood "on the day". Nothing was rushed, nor was anything dragged out - I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend him to anyone of a similar nature to mine.

Johnny M from Rushden wrote:

I'm still on cloud 9 and I don't plan on coming down. I can't thank you enough for all of the wisdom and driving skills you have passed on to me. Your unequivocal approach to driving combined with your fantastic personality, really made the process of learning to drive so much easier. It's axiomatic to say, I would recommend you to anyone I meet who is planning on learning to drive. See you soon! 

Carl from Rushden wrote:

"Fantastic Teaching, having failed my test twice with a different instructor I gave up driving for several years. I decided to come back and chose Colin (Driving Success). Colin was patient and calm throughout, despite me maikng some stupid mistakes or repeating them week in - week out! First Test with Colin and I passed, would fully recommend learning to drive using Driving Success, truly worth the Grade Colin!"

Short course of refresher driving lessons" - review by Emgee I chose this driving school based on the web site which was informative and, unlike some I have seen, had no glaring spelling or gramatical errors. The instructor's name is Colin and, at time of writing, the car is a diesel Vauxhall Corsa which was very nice to drive. I had a short course of refresher lessons as I had not driven for over ten years and needed to brush up my driving skills and get back my confidence behind the wheel. Colin was patient, informative and very calm. I would recommend him to anyone and particularly to nervous drivers.